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Dedicated to making a difference. We specialize in solving the toughest national and international security information technology problems.

We apply systems engineering/integration and information science to develop and deploy effective decision support systems in the national and international security arena. From developing information management systems for developmental aid and integrating open-source reporting on complex emergencies for U.S. relief agencies, to collection and analysis of other critical information to support planning and operations, we bring practical, effective, and field-ready solutions to customers supporting U.S. national and international security interests.

Whether in support of democracy and governance initiatives in developing nations, crisis relief efforts at home or abroad, or policy and strategic planning activities, timely, accurate, and actionable information is essential. A judiciously planned and well-orchestrated information management system provides the decision support foundation to improve response time and conserve precious resources.

Triamer specializes in the support that provides decision makers with a cost-effective options by dramatically reducing the time for field-to- headquarters reporting cycles, thereby increasing evidence-based decision making.

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