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Egypt – Family Justice Activity Project. From February 2006 to January 2007 Triamer supported the Family Justice Activity project in Egypt.   The project included mediation training; strategic social marketing components; a small grants mechanism directed at NGOs and community-based organizations to promote women's and family rights; and court administration support to ensure measurement of program impact and outcomes. For more details, contact us at

Central America – Labor Justice Strengthening Activity. Triamer is providing technical assistance and training to strengthen the capacity and compliance of labor justice institutions in the Central American Free Trade Agreement – Dominican Republic (CAFTA-DR) signatory countries. For more details, contact us at

Egypt – Muqattam Mountain. Triamer is not only committed to making a difference in people's lives through their contract work; we also desire to give back (literally) to the communities in which we serve. While Triamer employees served in Cairo, we were touched by those individuals that performed the task of collecting the garbage. When we sought some organization to which to make a contribution, a dear friend of Triamer's suggested an organization that works with these garbage collectors at Muqattam Mountain. We agreed, and in March 2007 Triamer made a contribution to that organization.
(For more details see: Muqattam page.)
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