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Monitoring is the collection, organizing, storing and sharing/presenting defined data on specific events, functions, tasks, indicators, etc. and the regular review of those data by decision makers to determine status, progress, problems, trends in comparison with what is expected. Such information assists users and "stakeholders" in obtaining a better situation awareness or "view" of the project.

Evaluation applies a level of analysis to the data collected and presented by monitoring to enable informed judgments and decisions regarding aspects of a project such as determining and forecasting performance against goals and objectives, identifying and managing risks, allocating resources, and identifying best practices.

Our Application. Triamer designs and develops databases and uses collaborative portal technology to aid this Monitoring and Evaluation process. We investigate interactions and relationships that go beyond the superficial, simple level to identify root causes and second order cause and effects allowing us to present a customer with information that is more useful and penetrating than a normal monitoring and evaluation process.
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