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What’s Happening, and What Are My Options?

Getting the right information to the right people at the right time is one of the most difficult challenges in developing a list of workable response options. The problem generally isn't getting sufficient data, but separating extraneous detail from critical information needed, then organizing it and presenting response options in a way that enables leaders to make sound decisions.

Triamer’s information systems are designed to reduce complex, chaotic situations into manageable events by pushing technology to the field as far forward as practical, then gathering and presenting relevant information in "actionable" formats. Our approach to the information problem is characterized by:

Practicality. Bells and whistles don't solve problems. We only bring practical, proven, and sustainable information technology applications and processes to the table. In all cases, the litmus test for field-ready systems is "would I use this in the operational environment?"

User-oriented design. We understand crisis management. Our systems are built by operators, for operators. In every step of the design process, the capabilities, tasks, and needs of the users are paramount in shaping the final solution.

Results-oriented applications. Given the urgent competition for scarce resources, there’s no room in the international or national security environment for inefficiency. Our systems are designed to bring ground truth to decision makers in record time, thereby rapidly building situational awareness and promoting wise use of precious resources.

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