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Triamer applies traditional project management techniques in our own projects and provides project management services to assist customers in the accomplishment of project goals and objectives.

We understand that our clients face difficult challenges and that they support missions that have the potential to positively impact the lives of people around the world. Triamer delivers superior support to clients enabling that potential to become reality.

One of the keys to a successful project is a great design, just as a builder must have excellent architectural blueprints before he or she begins to build.

Triamer assists customers in developing an excellent project design - e.g., what is needed, why it is needed, what is NOT needed, when it is needed, by whom it is needed - to guide development, implementation and sustainment of effective projects.

The result is a successful project, achieving and even exceeding a customer's goals. This includes managing and tracking aspects such as planning, scope, performance, resources, schedules, costs, and risks.

Emphasis is on transparency and continual communications providing real time status on projects through use of collaborative portal technology.
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